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DIY Co2 setup: Would this work?

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Hello! I am planning to start doing more high tech aquarium setups. Learning about Co2 I came accross a video that did a DIY version. They did this by mixing 3.5 g of dried yeast, 200 mg of sugar, and water in a empty plastic water bottle. They then took airline and supergued it to a hole on the cap along with a diffuser. Would this work? If so, are there certain plants that this wouldn't work for? I attached a link to the video. The particular section I'm asking about starts at 4:56. Thanks!


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The truth is, DYI CO2 is going to give you inconsistent results. And those fluctuating CO2 levels are going to cause problems.

If money is a concern, just wait and save so you can get a proper system.

By proper, I mean a good entry level system like this.


This is the absolute lowest quality I would use. I have 2 systems and they are solid performers at this price point.

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Sort answer is that would generate CO2 but without a bubble counter and some form of ability to regulate CO2 its very variable and also may stink with yeast and sugar version. 

 I've tried the DIY two soda bottle version with a citric acid solution in one and baking soda solution in the other just because it didn't smell like I believe that yeast version would. It was a fairly fun project that used two commercially available caps and airline connections due to pressures used.  I wouldnt do DIY co2 system without a proper regulator again personally Id go entry level system if I did it again. Plants in all my tanks at the moment and all is done without CO2 or too high end on light.

DIY CO2 is a bit of work. I had to make both solutions fairly frequently, prime the bottles which involved squeeing a small amount of one into the other to start the reaction in the other which then pressurized the system. After that it required calibration of the bubble count to the tank each time the pressure stabilized. It was always a little inconsistant and eventually my bubble regulation piece failed and dumped way too much co2 gass overnight. Not a fun learning experience but one I'll remember forever.

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