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Starting a fish room


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Hello my name is Jimmy. Huge fan of the coop. I’ve kept fish for about 9 years. Currently in planning phase for a SMALL fish room, more than likely in my detached shop. I like Facebook but I know this forum will have much more value and it appears to be active. 
I have so many questions and ideas so I will probably need to start a separate thread I suppose. I plan to document it. I want to frame in a room anywhere from 5x9 to 7x8. Any suggestions on how to start a thread for it would be appreciated. Thanks fish fam!

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On 7/2/2021 at 5:59 PM, lefty o said:

welcome aboard. have fun building the room.

Thanks! Right now I haven’t narrowed down the actual foot print. 2 x 4 frame, insulated. Not sure if I will need to vent, wonder if a dehumidifier will be enough. Also I only have 15 amp breaker so I suspect I will need more.

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