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Best betta color variety

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There are two questions here: what’s my favorite, and what is best to breed.

I’d suggest tuning in to the Co-Op fish club’s guest speaker next month to learn a lot about Betta adjudication.

We’ve kept a few Bettas. I have a soft spot for Koi long finned. But they’re getting so common, it’s almost boring now. MoMo Bettas imports some nice color morphs.

One concern I have though is Betta health and fertility. All of the inbreeding and stressful environments that they’re frequently kept in compromise the fish we see in stores.

Here’s a female koi we had awhile...

And here’s a male we also had awhile...


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Mars "God of Slumber".   A lot of people refer to Betta as "water dogs"...this guy is definitely a "water cat".  Wakes up to eat and occasionally show his distain for his neighbor in an adjoining tank...then back to sleep.  Another random little cup at a "big box" chain store guy.  Note the clown make up like silver triangle under his eye (he has that on both sides of his face).

Edit- Forgot to mention that when we got this guy he was a small juvenile and sexed as a Female...he was originally going to be part of a sorority tank...nope.

God of Slumber.png

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Apologies for the potato focus.  This was Solstice (RIP) who had a variety of genetic issues (you can see the rose/feather tail scalloping in his tail and cork screwed pecs) that made him a fragile little guy.  He was accident prone and aged at about 3X the speed of every other Betta I've owned,  but was a total sweetheart the entire time.  The "electric" blue in this pic its a pretty accurate capture of his actual color.


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Apologies for the water spots- we were having a heated "biting our tail is a no-no" conversation at the time as witnessed by the sheepish expression on someone's face.  This was Sagittarius (RIP) who grew about to the size of a King before he contracted dropsy that I wasn't able to effectively treat for him .  Another color combination that I haven't seen before or since.


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On 7/2/2021 at 8:25 AM, ARMYVET said:

What is really scary is that I'm being serious..... my wife has inquired what it would take to make that a reality 😨

Oh, I knew you were. I am already designing a fish room in my head and have no where to put it at my present living quarters. So when we finally move in December, that we will definitely be incorporating into our final decision, haha. 

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