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Has any one owned a CPO crayfish before


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On 6/30/2021 at 11:37 PM, Trish said:

Yours? Do they terrorize the fish? CPO.. beautiful!

This is not mine, but they are pretty peaceful, they can even live with shrimp. But they do tend to get curious with fish with long fins! 

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I kept a pair for a few months. They don't seem to like eachother at all and they'll absolutely eat my bladder, ramshorn and malaysian trumpet snails. However, they left my baby mystery snails as well as platy/swordtail fry alone. They also didn't bother any adult fish (They were also quite terrified of them)

They suddenly passed away on me, a month away from eachother. I have no clue why but I plan on trying them again at some point, very cool animal, interesting to watch!

*EDIT* They would also damage plants. They obliterated much of my dwarf hairgrass as well as eating the leaves of several other plants.

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