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Mostly convinced based on behavior and faint panda pattern this is my first panda loach fry. Which for qualifies in the "that is nuts" category for me if it proves out. Only other fish in that rack system of tanks are a limia p group, a variatus platy group, khuli loaches, and an cousin to barbatus group growing out. There were flagfish about 3 weeks ago in the sump along with hundreds of snails but i recall flagfish fry having a little different mouth structure and orientation was more of an overbite.  Anyone think this definately is or is not a panda loach?





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On 6/30/2021 at 5:29 PM, Colu said:

Top picture a panda garra   second pic and bottom is a flag fish fry

Thanks again. Panda garrra definately look similar to the panda loaches i have in there.  

The fry you identified for me did prove out to be a flag fish fry who amazingly enough survived 3 weeks im the system before detection, had to get past a prefilter, go through a sump pump, up  7.5 feet of 1/2 inch tubing out a 1/4 " supply line and through an RO connector used as an outlet. Then avoided being eaten by limia or the panda loaches somehow. 

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Hey, I have been breeding panda loaches in CO and finally found some newly hatched fry.  They look like little white worms/submarines with no fins and tiny little eyes, but they move really quickly.  And they are upside down with their long egg sac/belly point up.  I was really shocked when I found them, wasn't sure what they were until I used a magnifying glass.  Here are some pics.  I have had 2 broods so far, 33+ in the first one and another 20+ in the second.  Based on finding these fry I guess I have a third brood. 

Panda Loach New Fry.jpg

Panda Loach Fry Closeup.jpg

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