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Lynn B

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Hello from Carlsbad, New Mexico.  I am a 76 year old lady who kept fish for many years from 1970 until 2004.  I was very much into my hobby, breeding some fish, working and managing a tropical fish department in Nebraska and Alaska.  I recently got back into the hobby, with a 50 gallon acrylic tank and two 5 gallon tanks, and I'm already wanting more, but can't keep up anymore.  There is NO place to buy fish or supplies here in Carlsbad, so everything I have done has been by mail, so a bit of a challenge.  I am amazed at the huge change in knowledge and access to knowledge since I had aquariums years ago, it is fascinating to this old lady.  I will probably not be able to share much, since I probably will not be able to get more aquariums, but I will love reading and hearing about all of your adventures, and wishing I could participate more.  

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