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A Better Bucket


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I was listening to the COOP podcast and heard Cory talking about getting buckets made for COOP swag. This got me thinking as I have a love hate relationship with the 5 gallon buckets. They are super useful but often degrade fairly quickly as I am not the kindest to my buckets. ESPECIALLY the handles that get bent under the weight of water, substrate, etc.

I found that Tractor Supply sells a bucket under the brand Fortiflex. These things are heavy duty buckets! They even come with a warranty of 1 year on black colors and a 5 year warranty on the colors. I choose a red one because I wanted a bit of color.  I think these are used for large animal feeding with the notch in the handle. The handles have a metal support under the bucket lip and can stand vertically on their own. The plastic material is a bit rubbery and thick. There is lines with measurements on the inside of the bucket. Lastly they have a flat side that allows them to hang next to a wall and not roll. 

Has anyone else messed with these buckets? I am leaving a link below:



Fortiflex bucket.png

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We use these as feed buckets for our horses. They hold up really well. I haven't tried using it for fish purposes. Wonder how well they work for water changes. I'd think they might be a bit "drippy" due to the shape of the lip. Let us know how your experience goes.

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