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Tips on keeping bamboo shrimp!!


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* Strong water flow seems to work best for them.  They prefer to sit in place,  extend their fans, and then feed off ow whatever collects on them.

* There's a lot of internet info that claims if they are scavenging off the bottom and sweeping the substrate with their fans they are underfed and/or starving...My experience is that this isn't true and a certain amount of exploring the entire tank and scavenging seems to be normal (maybe learned in captivity).

* You need a certain level of "floating nutrients" in your water for these guys/gals to eat - pristine crystal clear water isn't great for them.  I've seen multiple people recommend adding Bacter AE to the water and/or housing them with Amano shrimp (apparently they do well with feeding off the Amano nymphs that hatch but don't develop in freshwater).

* They are surprisingly strong and can both bulldoze things around in the tank you wouldn't expect and/or "spring" several times their body length (including out of the water).  They're also climbers and will follow leaves/air lines/ cords, etc. including above the waterline) A tank lid with them is pretty much a must.

Edit- I should add that they can get *quite large*.  I had one that got to close to 3".  I've read that they can get even larger (large enough to be caught/sold as a regular food source by humans in some places).

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