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Some of My Tanks (as of 6/28/21)


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Okay, pic dump time!

Sorry about some of the images being hosted by Imgur and some being hosted by Flickr - Imgur crapped out on me halfway through, and is better supported on other forums I share pics on. I'll make note that this forum integrates with Flickr more, as it's the more useful service IMO.

First off, here's the German Blue Ram tank. This is meant as a breeding tank, not a show tank - hence the plants thrown all willy-nilly in there. So far, the fish seem much more comfortable than they were when the tank was more bare.




Here's the pair of Long-Finned Mocha Clowns I plan to attempt to spawn at some point. They're still not quite old enough to be laying but they're getting there! The completely black (and smaller) one is the male, and the other is the female. They're probably not the best specimens of the particular morph, if I'm being honest (not enough of the "mocha" color), but I like that they have shorter fins than most long-finned clowns - it allows them to get around the tank, while still being very flowy.





And, next, the 37 gallon. It's a new tank so I do have some cyano on the rocks that I expect to pass in time.

Here's the Tailspot Blenny - they're awesome little guys! Tons of color and personality. Good algae eaters, too. They can move their eyes around a lot like puffers, and I managed to get a couple shots of him doing that!



The cleaner shrimp is pretty cool. Ever since he found out he can clean my hand, he no longer runs when I'm around the tank. They're awesome in tanks where they can't disturb corals, IMO.



Here's the Wyoming White Clownfish, checking out my ring light. I've had it for almost two years, and have a new mate in QT for it. It had a female, but she jumped earlier this year 😞


And the "boss" of the tank, the Royal Gramma. He's all bark and no bite, and is beautiful, so I let him stick around.


There's also a firefish in here, but it stays in its' burrow until feeding time. Definitely not gonna come out with all the lighting I had on the tank for pics.

Getting back into my freshwater tanks, here's the 20 gallon QT/holding tank. I've got a rimless 47 gallon I'm going to set up, so the majority of these fish will be going there. The Neons and WCMM will stay in here for a subtropical community tank.

I think Neons and WCMM's make an amazing combo when both are doing well. The White Cloud was once referred to as the "Poor Man's Neon Tetra", in reference to the Neon's relatively high cost when first imported. Funnily enough, WCMM's are now usually 2X-3X the price of a Neon, at a minimum.


Here's a Black Neon, my favorite tetra. It doesn't look like much in this tank, but whenever it's on a black background with a bunch of plants, I find this fish stunning. I can't wait for them to show off in the 47!


I've also got a lone Green Cory I'll be getting friends for whenever the 47 is set up. These aren't my favorite cory, but are up there. The green coloration, in the right lighting, is a nice accent IMO.


This is where Ghost Shrimp come to live and feed before they get fed to the puffers, too.


Speaking of inverts, how about these Magenta Mystery Snails? I had seen them online, and about ordered them several times - then, I walked into my LFS and saw 6. I bought 6. I'm not even a Mystery Snail guy - they're fine, but not something I find myself keeping. But these? I'm into these.



Snail 2

Finally, here's the male Pearl Gourami. By far, the most beautiful freshwater fish I've kept. I'm very glad I picked a pair of these for my centerpiece in the 47!


And a FTS of the 20.



And, finally, a tank I don't get very good photos of! It's an extremely-low light tank due to the Finnex light and the dense layer of duckweed in the tank. But, it's always healthy, so I don't change much with it.

It houses a single Dwarf Puffer two Ottocinclus, and a few ghost shrimp. Everything (including the shrimp) has been in here for almost a year. I lost a couple shrimp to acclimation in the beginning, and an Otto that was too skinny from the store.

Here's the puffer!


One of the shrimp, and a Crypt Wendtii in the back - my favorite plant, by far!


The two ottos - I believe one to be a female and one to be a male, due to shape, but I haven't looked into it much.


Here's the intense mat of duckweed - there's some Riccia Fluitans in there, too. I don't clean it out because the puffer seems to like the lack of light.


And a FTS:

FTS 6-28


This tank has only gotten a couple water changes in the year it's been set up, so it's pretty much running itself. Water tests good, so I'll leave it be!

Phew. That was a lot of pics.

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