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BIG THANKS to Colu and Cory.


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Started with a few fish around March this year. First tank Mickey Mouse platys and a couple mollies. Been learning so much from aquarium coop on youtube and forum on website. Can’t believe all the great plants I’ve purchased past few months that are doing great (just had fake until I kept reading about benefits of live plants). Just so much to learn.

Well regarding Cory thank you so very much on your advice to help my betta “Baby Blue”.  Just a few days after I got her I noticed she had Popeye. Followed your advice and she is doing great! Have added live plants and a betta log to her 10 gal home. Not sure if she is blind in one eye but after using salt as you suggested she seems so happy and healthy now.

While tending to her I lost one of my mollies in the other tank. Looking at the rest I noticed one platy had ick. Thank you Cory first for recommending one keeps ick on hand which I had and then I watched and followed your recommendation on treating ick. Day 4 of water changes and ick-x meds and no sign of ick now. Hopefully stopped the cycle.

Both of you are so AWESOME ! Thank You Both so much for being there for us newbies.
~ Nini

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