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Is my dwarf aquarium lily rotting?

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I got my bulb around 2 weeks ago and I’ve only seen these white sprouts grow on it about a week ago. However, there are some lighter parts on my bulb that make me a little concerned. It also smells bad, and will occasionally emit bubbles from the lighter areas. I’m not sure if it’s starting to rot or not. spacer.pngspacer.png

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Do you think the white sprouts are the beginnings of leaves?  If so, you may want to still leave it.  I have a post about this exact same thing with my lily bulb and it ended up finally working out.  I really think half of my bulb is/was rotten, but it's growing like a weed now and it hasn't messed up my water parameters or anything so I'm just letting it be.  Someone else suggested keeping it in a bowl of tank water to see if it finally starts sprouting leaves or not, so you don't have to worry about skunking up your tank.

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