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Hi all, I have seen many different preferences on what conditions for a tank to keep angelfish in and I’m curious on other people’s opinions. I have heard nothing under 18 in depth, 40 breeder is too shallow, a 29 is fine, but with all of this I am not looking for a community but maybe a pair and then a bottom feeder to clean up after them. What are ideal conditions for raising angelfish. 

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I have not kept them, but I have researched a lot about them.To keep a pair I would say at least a 29 high. I think the best advice is as Cory says, don't try to recreate there natural habitat, just what they were born in. I would try to find a local breeder so you can find out what water parameters they keep them in. Just keep it stable and you should be fine. Yet again I have not kept them. 

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14 minutes ago, ADMWNDSR83 said:

My pair is in a 37 (Same footprint as a 29 but taller) with some others and they are seeming quite happy.  My water is not ideal, I believe, as it is quite hard with low alkalinity and pH, but they don't show any signs of stress or anything.  Hope this helps.

I just watched a 7 part youtube video last night on breeding angels and the breeder uses 29 gallon tanks for his breeding pairs. I have a pair in community 30 gallon which is only 14" (?) deep and they're doing great. 


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