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Odd Angelfish Agression

Rodney G

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I have a 65 gallon tall. Water parameters good blah blah.

2 angel fish a few cardinal tetras and a few guppies. A work in progress...

I rotate feedings between

Live mosquito larvae, extreme flakes fluvel bug bites flakes and bug bites granules.

Everything is fine usually. But when I feed the bug bites granules one of the angels gets aggressive to everyone in the tank. When I feed any of the other foods there is no chasing at all!

Anyone else see this behavior?

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So you think should hold back the granules on this tank a little bit? I did notice a little pectoral fin damage on my other angel.

I think i have a 55 gallon coming tomorrow for a late fathers gift! Probably just split those 2 angels up and solve the problem for good if that happens.

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