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Snail Vase Ideas...


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After someone, I think @ARMYVET (maybe) mentioned a vase with a snail in it, I am obsessed with this idea.  I have a sister in law that just really wants a snail, and I am trying to think of a good set up... but I have questions.

1. What kind of snail would live best in a 1 gallon-ish vase?

2. What kind of plants would do well in there?

3. Would it need a lid?

4. What about air stone? How does it do gas exchange?


I would like to get it all set up and present it as a finished product for her, so I would welcome any and all suggestions....

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That was my first set-up!

1. Nerite snails are fun.  Mystery snails are gorgeous but escape artists!

2. A root feeder and a floater. Snails are poopy machines so keeping the ammonia in check is a good idea. 50% water changes once a week.

3. No need for a lid with a Nerite, especially if you have floaters. A must with Mystery snails.

4. Some sort of surface movement is ideal. Air stone is the easiest choice. Snails like "spa time" every now and then and will enjoy the bubbles.

Depending on where she is, a heater might be necessary. Light for the plants too, but it does not have to be a dedicated light if there is a lot of natural light.


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On 6/25/2021 at 10:47 PM, Patrick_G said:

My snail vase currently has two pond snails and floating plants. I have them in the short vase. It’s currently pretty much algae free while the other two vases are starting to get green. 


Those look great!!  Yes @TheCzarista I was the one who mentions the one vase in my living room with the single Ramshorn snail it.  Although I recently have him a friend.  Wanted to see if they would make more lol.  Now I watch the 2 of them circling the glass and I call it playing thru the moss. 

After Seeing what @Patrick_G has done with the floating plants I think I may try that with some mystery snails and nerite snails. 

I do not have any air stone in the vase and change about 2 cups of water 2 times a week. Just to skim off the biofilm.  


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