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Surprise! Unexpected corydoras fry

Karen B.

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This morning I found a few false julii cory eggs in my 20 gallons - about 8. I set them in a fluval medium breeding box and added an airstone. The breeding box hangs outside the aquarium but source its water inside.


This evening I was laughing at my nerita snail for trying to push the cholla wood out of its way when I noticed 4-5 fry scattering everywhere 😳 I managed to catch a few of them.

Should I add them to the breeder box? Or should I put them in my 10 gallons, cycled, planted, same parameters as the tanks my cory parents are in? There is only about 10 clown killifish fry in it, less then 2 months old, only eating live and frozen baby brine shrimps.



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I’ve had surprise corys for the past six months. They seem to thrive in the main tank. A few weeks ago I found an egg on a plant trimming and tossed it in an another tank (sort of a let’s see what happens) that has been going for a few months with single bristle nose, and was shocked to see the little guy swimming around yesterday. Both your options sound fruitful.

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