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N Class Endlers are TOUGH


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I saw last minute that we would have a temperature drop last night into the 40s after it had been projected to stay in the mid 60s for the next week. I have N Class Endlers I got from Adrian HD himself both inside and outside in a 15 gallon container pond. I raced to setup another indoor aquarium and net the Endlers out through all the guppy grass and floating plants in the dark with a headlamp. I did my best but worried I might have missed a few.

This morning I went out and sure enough in the sunlight I saw a couple upside down on the bottom and the water was about 48 degrees (laser thermometer). I netted them out and they wiggled! I got a container to put them in and then added just a bit of warmer water and they started to revive. I went back and found another 7 all of whom looked dead and were lying on the bottom upside down and all of whom revived. Here they are after reviving and are now with the rest of the colony. Amazing.


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