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First Breeding Journal: Longfin Leopard Danios

Ben C.

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6 weeks today. First batch look like mini full grown fish now - spunky lil guys. About the size of a chili rasbora. Will probably give them another week or two and move them over to their permanent home! 


Second batch is stable and eating baby brine. Not much really to report anymore, will continue to show their growth but I won't deliberately spawn any new ones. Thinking to set up shrimp or endlers next, something easier...



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On 8/3/2021 at 11:53 AM, Torrey said:

Neither did I until I had so many babies go belly up when I caught and bagged them!


Now they are happily swimming around without a care in the world. 


Since they are ~half the size of regular zebra danios, I am using the babies who don't faint to breed, then crossing back in to ones who do faint to identify which ones are carriers, and slowly remove the carriers from my breeding stock.


Fun times, lol

Excellent plan!  That should get your stock cleared of the bad genetics as quickly as possible.

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Well, that's a wrap for this journal! First group moved in to their permanent home today with their parents! Second group will move in a month from now.. While I wasn't as successful as I would have hoped to be, I now have 11 danios all together to be one happy family, successfully recovering from the initial bad shipment of 10 (disease reduced it to 4) that I got of them. It was super rewarding watching them go into the aquarium and immediately join up with their parents, see them check out the other fish, and settle right in. Guess that's what it's all about! Thanks everyone that followed this and helped out! 

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