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ACO Sponge filter on AqAdvisor


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On 6/24/2021 at 10:42 PM, LaurieinIA said:

I’m playing around on AqAdvisor. What is the best way to enter info for my ACO sponge filters?  Specifically the small one, but the other sizes, too?

I assume you want dimensions to enter into parameters on AqAdvisor?

Look up "sponge filter" on the Aquarium Co Op home page.

Below the photo image, you'll see a number of other images that provide the dimensions for each size sponge. See below. Hope this helps!


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Aqadvisor has an option for user defined filter. Select that and it will ask you for the capacity. Nano 5+, small 10+, medium 20+, large 40+. 

Note that aqadvisor is a useful tool but is not the end all be all of stocking levels. One issue with it is that it doesn't take into consideration nutrient uptake from plants. 

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@ChefConfit yes, I understand this is just a tool, etc. 😊 I’m just experimenting with it as one source of estimation info if I make some filtration changes to my existing setups.

Are you saying if I have a small sponge filter that I should select “user defined” then enter “10”?


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