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Need help diagnosing spot on Neons


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Edit: inserted better photos into post.

Hey everybody! First time fish keeper here. I am two weeks into a new aquarium set up. Long story short, a few days after purchasing a few Neon tetras to begin my tank, I noticed a small white colored dot on two of their mouths/lips. My original research led me to believe that this could be either columnaris or some form of fungus. Just to rule out my options first, I treated the tank with Pimafix and Melafix and added a small amount of salt to the tank about a week ago in hopes that it might clear up. So far, there has been no change that I can determine. I have not noticed the white dot grow and the fish do not appear to be showing any signs of sickness or abnormality that I am aware of.  I am doing fish-in cycling, so my water parameters have not been very consistent (though I did use API QuickStart, as well as using some beneficial bacteria provided my LFS).

I have done lots of internet research, but am very new to the hobby and could use some friendly advice for how to treat my Neons and determine what might be going on. There’s A LOT of conflicting information out there. If there is any more info that I can share that might help diagnose the issue, I am happy to share. Right now, I am just a bit worried about the little guys. Thanks!







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Improved photos
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Water parameters:

Ammonia: 0

Nitrites: 1 (I think the tank may be re-cycling, did a partial water change yesterday to combat the Nitrites and added some Prime to detoxify while the filter catches up. There is also a very low level of salt added to the water).

Nitrates: 5

Ph: 6.6

Temp: 77

I am using Prime for water changes; I tend to double the amount of water conditioner when adding it since my area has very high chloramines in the tap water.

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Hmm. Don’t know if these pictures are any better or not. They are hard to get on camera clearly since they move so much.

If it is NTD, there is not much I can do besides maybe euthanize, no? Any meds you recommend if it is a fungus? Should I run another week of Pimafix or try a stronger medication?



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On 6/25/2021 at 5:36 PM, CalBeanz said:

Are API Pimafix and API Fungus Cure the same product? If so, that’s what I have been using (nothing comes up for me when I search API Fungus Cure on Amazon). Would administering ICH-X help if the problem is fungal?

Thank you!

API fungus cure is a more effective med than pimafix or melafix 

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Sometimes columnaris can be mistaken for neon tetra disease Columnaris  is a gram negative bacterial infection recommended treatment is kanaplex and API furan2 together .going off your pictures it difficult to no for sure  the  symptoms your fish have it could be neon tetra disease or columnaris or a fungal infection do the spots have a fuzzy apprance

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On 6/25/2021 at 9:09 PM, CalBeanz said:

The spots do not appear to be fuzzy to me. They appear more to be small white lumps, almost as if the fish is holding something in their mouths. 

I would say it's probably not a fungal infection its more than likely columnaris or neon tetra disease I would treat for columnaris  with kanaplex and API furan2 together 

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