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Hello there, 

My name is Olivia, and I have been keeping bettas for about five years now. For the last few months, I have since move to keeping more species of fish in community tanks. My dream is owning my own fish store, and I am currently a shift supervisor at my local store working my way in that direction.  I currently have 3 tanks and wish I had the finances and the room for about 10 more, haha. I have a 29 gallon and a couple fives. May be upgrading both to tens soon. I have a female betta who could not play nice with others in one of the fives (she has an Olive Nirite friend she has managed not to bother, haha.) The other five has 4 Endlers and a couple Red Neon Blue Eyed Rainbows. The 29 has 3 female bettas, 4 male guppies (they actually get along quite well with the girls), 4 neon tetras (had a full school at first, but lost a couple here and there scared to get more.), 5 White Clouds, 3 Panda Corys, 3 Pigmy Corys, 2 nirits, 2 mysteries, 1 rabbit snail, and 2 niacardinia shrimp (started with 10 now we're here) Everyone is happy and healthy, well, except for the ones that have disappeared (I have one very large and exceedingly zeolous Mystery snail that earned himself the name Hoover, haha). I'm super stoked to finally be a member of a dedicated fish community! I'm learning new things about the hobby everyday, and am having a blast keeping and caring for my fish!

Thanks everyone,


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Welcome Olivia! Female bettas are the best and I also had one who could not “play well with others” LOL. We still refer to her as “that murderous betta” even though we did everything right as I am sure you did. 

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