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Durability of filter mesh bags


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For those of you that use filter media bags in a canister, how long do they last before they start to deteriorate? 

I'm wanting to try an experiment using media bags but not as filter media.  It would be embedded in the substrate.   But if that will shorten the lifespan, I'll look for another solution.   I'm hoping it'll remain intact for years.

I figure it gets more of a beating inside a canister with the amount of flow.   Hence the question.. 



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I'm finding nylon as the most common material.  I see them for filter bags, and also strainers for coffee, and reusable. 

I've read that nylon doesn't deteriorate in water, but it does stretch and yet gets stronger. 

Anyone have experience in this? 

I'm planning to cut it to a flat sheet to lay over a UGF so that fine particles of the substrate don't seep through.  It would suck if it ripped apart while immersed in the tank after a long time. 

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