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Does anyone have experience using chemi-pure green in their planted tanks?


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I just got my hands on some chemi-pure green, I’ve never used it before, but I have purigen in my filter right now! I want to see if anyone has used it before? But if not. I will document my results. I will be swapping it out tonight and not change anything in my regime for the next couple weeks. And will compare water quality, tank cleanliness, and plant health to the current state of my tank with purigen in my filter! I hope that makes sense in words and not just in my head. 

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5 hours ago, Brian K said:

I have not, but would love to hear how it goes. I've only ever used purigen in my display tank filters.

Okay! The note pad is coming out! Here’s a pic of my tank from the side today during feeding! Only a little algae to deal with! 


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