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You are most likely going to have to wait a bit to tell the difference.  Yes the males get bigger than the females, and mine have a flatter/boxier nose than the females but they are almost full grown.  

Either way, if you have your water buffered to raise your PH and you feed them well you will see little swimming eyeballs soon enough.  They are fun to keep, I have learned the hard way to keep them in a species only tank though.

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I'm relatively new to multies as well, I got my first group about three months ago. In addition to @DSH OUTDOORS's description, another way to guess at the sex is to observe behavior. I found that the males will carve out territories with a definitive pecking order, and they'll spar with each other at the edges of their territories. The females will pick the male they like and hang out in his territory without getting harassed much. Eventually, the females will dig out pits with shells at the bottom where they'll lay eggs and rear their fry. Once that happens, they start harassing anyone that comes near. 

The attached photo is one of my females guarding her pit. The male she picked lives in the shell in the back left corner in that picture. The males do a little bit of rearranging, but only just enough for one or two shells for them to hide in.PXL_20210614_231329006.jpg.6ef38646fa1b978b62c8a134868fe521.jpg

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I got right and left switched up 🤭
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On 6/24/2021 at 2:01 PM, DSH OUTDOORS said:

P.S. I started with 8 adults in February, 3 male 5 female.  There are now over 100 in the tank and I just moved them from a 33 long to a 50 low boy.


One of my males is swimming to the left right in front of the ship, you can see he has almost a concave forehead.

Hilarious, I literally just did the same thing.  Will the numbers eventually plateau?  Or just keep increasing?  I only have multis.


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