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Show me your favorite fish you own


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On 6/24/2021 at 11:55 AM, HH Morant said:

Grumpy the paradise fish is famous! Arizona Aquatic Gardens has used his picture!


No, he's not famous, I did however purchase him from them.  I have no actual photos of him personally, he decided a kamikaze run out of the top of the tank was in order, some time ago. 

Interpreted this thread as "Favorite Fishes You've Owned".

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776EFB41-7EDA-45C7-9FD3-2C267D6DF654.jpeg.8d7e5e1bf6f09e840e532b3b5a47374f.jpegThis is Mr. Spikey Feathers named by my 2 boys and picked out by my eldest as our centerpiece fish in our 45 g. I was kind of proud he picked a Festivum instead of an angel. Loads of personality and definitely the tank boss but I’ve never seen any homicidal tendencies he’s always tolerant of the tetras and barbs. He has his occasional issues with the honey and three spot gouramis. 

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