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Please identify new fish


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I saw this guy alone in a tank of cherry shrimp. I thought he was a Siamese algae eater but he has no barbels. Some research shows they’re supposed to have them while others do not. I’m confused. 
He’s peaceful but super fast to catch in net… LPS didn’t know what it was and gave him to me for free. He is trying to school with the black neon tetras. Didn’t eat any of the micro pellets… not eating any algae so far.

Any ideas? Thankssss 🐟840A904B-B4B6-45D7-A7E6-3E393ACB058B.jpeg.f8899bde2f70ca3c53474a50bafd5d27.jpegBA6AF4A1-B4A4-417F-9485-2D361532A182.jpeg.7d4e7bbff7df325ce937810134dc0d13.jpeg

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