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“One Kidney” Sponge Filter Squeezing

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In many tanks... most, in fact, we keep 2x sponge filters. If I’m honest, I admit that I don’t squeeze these out often enough.

When I do, I like to squeeze out one side  only, and next time squeeze out the other.

Today is “right kidney” day for some of my tanks. I confess to just squeezing out the sponge under tap water + tank water during a small water change. I haven’t found the tap water detrimental when just doing one “kidney” at a time.

Now brace yourself! Here’s a few gross kidney photos 😬





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Fish Folk, I think your system makes sense. I read somewhere that the chlorine in tap water does not kill enough bacteria to matter. The same source cautioned against cleaning a sponge filter (or any filter) too often or too thoroughly, recommending that filters not be cleaned under running water or squeezed. As the sponge filter becomes more established, the bacteria becomes more durable and resistant to being washed away. I'll confess I don't know how to clean a sponge filter without squeezing it just a little.

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Here they don't use chlorine or any other toxic stuff in the water, so no problem with using tap water to clean the sponge.

But still i try to do it in aquarium most of the time, just so i don't waste to much water.
Prefer using the tap water to refill the aquarium after taking some out for the cleaning of the filter.
Also i got the feeling i use less water in total this way, because you don't have the constant running water.

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