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Adding fish to my cycled aquarium


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Yeah it has been cycled Just been scared to add fish for two reasons don’t have a quarantine tank and scare to mess up by adding more fish, like I mention I have four albino corydoras but ok thanks I’ll keep testing after I get more fish 

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OP, maybe this well help you. I've found it useful: https://aqadvisor.com/

What I am doing for my 10G is to add a few fish at a time and monitor the water levels. I started 2 weeks ago by adding two neon tetras (I know, I should have added more so they can school...) and then just sitting back. Then a week later, with tank water stats stable, I then added 3 female guppies. If the tank holds steady (aside from some pH fluctuations) I'll end up adding a single male guppy. :)


Good luck with your tank!

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