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Breeding White Cloud

Shenandoah Aquatics

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On 6/22/2021 at 3:35 PM, alpenglow007 said:

Hi all! I wanted to get some advice on breeding some white clouds. I bought 12 about 3 months ago and I put them in a ten gallon with tons of Java moss and spawning moss but I haven’t really seen any action. 

Am I doing something wrong? Any advice? At what age do they start breeding? 

We had a small group going in a 10 gal . . . nothing . . . moved them to a 5.5 gal with moss and algae . . . nothing . . . moved that whole tank to another location, closed it inside a cabinet in a classroom where kids opened it twice a day to feed . . . and BOOM! it just blew up. Started with 6x adults, and now we're at . . . a lot (I can't even count them) . . .


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