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Subwassertang - Temps and Goldfish?

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Has anyone kept Subwassertang outdoors with goldfish. My concerns are getting eaten and temperature extremes. I wouldn't be worried so much on the hot side as it would pose problems for the fish as well. How cold can subwassertang go? I assume by its German name that it can handle colder than my Southern CA winters, but I wanted to see if anyone had any experience.

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Hi, I'm not a goldfish keeper but I DO have some Subwassertang. I thought maybe goldfish would eat it as they are known to eat the more delicate plants. Per some sources on the internet- indeed they do. Higher temps can keep it from growing so that might put a damper on you having it in a pond with a "predator" as they may eat it all before it could replenish unlike other fast growing pond plants. I keep mine now in my betta tank and I've had it for a few months, it has not grown much more than when I first got it- and it is hotter than it apparently would like it to be (pushing 79 degrees right now in that tank, apparently Subwasstertang prefers 60-74). Hope some of this helps. I love my Subwassertang, it's a very neat plant. 

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