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Green water in nano shrimp tank


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My 5 gallon planted shrimp tank has broken out with green water. My parameters are consistent 

nitrate- 10-20 

nitrite 0 

ammonia 0 

gh 300

kh 80

ph 6.8 

I am running a finnex stingray 8 hours a day I was running it 10 hours then dropped it to 8 once the green water showed up which seemed to make it worse. For filtration I run  a aco sponge filter. I do around 2 pumps of easy green a week to keep my nitrates around 20 ppm. I am also injecting co2 and my drop checker is a lime green after 2 hours of light and stays like green till it turns off. In the tank I have 3 Amano shrimp and 10 red rilis and a collection of pond snails. I started 2 months ago and the green water showed up about a week and a half ago. I know that my best option would be to get a uv sterilizer but I haven’t been able to find anything that isn’t just overkill for the tank. Would I be able to water change my way through this doing 10% daily water changes or will that stress my shrimp to much? 


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Super simple clip on plug in. Low flow I needed it for a fry tank I didn’t want to blow them away. that sometimes gets sun. Worked well. I don’t leave it on as you can’t submerge it so you need to keep the water a bit lower. Got mine on sale at chewy


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