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Hi all,

I was planning on setting up a planted community tank and my initial thought was a school of Odessa Barbs and a school of Cory's, now I'm having my doubts.  I started out and brought in the Odessa Barbs, and I'm second guessing the Cory pick.  Cory's are universally known as the cleanup crew, but from the looks of it, these beautiful Odessa barbs have that area covered in spades, they're always scanning the bottom for food.  I'm concerned it's going to be a never ending battle trying to get food to the Cory's.  So now I'm thinking of changing it up to adding an upper mid level schooling fish that are fast enough to compete with the Odessa's.  I'm thinking Silver Tip Tetras, Rummy Nose Tetras, or Pork Chop Rasboras.

Am I off base in moving away from the Cory's, and if not, which of the above mentioned fish would make a good addition to the tank?

Thanks for your help.

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