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New Inhabitants in the Tank!

Tyler LaZerte

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The first inhabitants are in! So excited to watch them grow! 6 Corydoras panda and 3 Otocinclus sp. All are doing well (just put them in on Saturday). Corys are hiding in the back left corner most of the time while the light is on but I'm sure they're just getting use to their new home. Otos are zooming around like little jets and enjoying themselves. So excited to start my journey in fish keeping! 



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On 6/21/2021 at 9:10 AM, Tyler LaZerte said:

@Fish Folk Hit me! It's a 16 gallon 

So, I love the panda-like colors you’ve got so far:



I like the idea of allowing the plants to bring the colors, and keeping fish subtle.

This reminds me of a species of quiet Cichlids we used to keep called Keyhole Cichlids...


They’re very peaceful. Absolutely adorable if you get a mating pair. Here’s a species profile on them...

Now, the biggest issue is probably tank size / vs full-grown keyhole size. This could get us down a long NERM-hole discussion... but it’s something to consider.

Alternatively, German Blue Rams would be spot-on perfect in a tank that size too. Here’s our young male ...


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On 6/21/2021 at 9:40 AM, Tyler LaZerte said:

@Fish Folk I had never heard of those! I may have to look into them. GBR are definitely gorgeous, but the temps they require aren't ideal for this tank. 

Well, if you go for it and find success, I’ll take credit! If it’s a disaster... I was never here 😂

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