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Acurel F


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On 6/20/2021 at 11:03 PM, Rudles said:

Acurel F works great for cloudiness but does anyone know if it pulls nutrients out of the water?

I’m not sure. It sounds like a pretty good product for what it does. Here’s a friendly review of the product. I think it operates by binding particles together so that large scale filters can successfully remove most all cloud-producing particles. As such, I’m not sure it would remove plant nutrients. 

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It’s a flocculant, just like Seachem Clarity.

Warning, extreme engineering-speak follows…

Particles finer than 0.1 µm in water remain continuously in motion due to electrostatic charge (often negative) which causes them to repel each other.

Once their electrostatic charge is neutralized by the use of a coagulant (flocculant) chemical, the finer particles start to collide and collect together under the influence of Van der Waals forces (which are distance-dependent interactions between atoms or molecules).

These larger and heavier particles can then be filtered out by mechanical means.

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