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Ramshorns dying. Other snails healthy.


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The ramshorns are my favorite species of snail, but I find more empty juvenile shells every day, and they're not laying eggs either. 

Bladder and Malaysian trumpet are thriving. This includes a tank that's only ramshorns, and tanks that have a combo of snail species.

I feed all snails a sinking pellet for crustaceans, which all 3 species do eat. 

What could possibly be going on with the ramshorns? 

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On 6/20/2021 at 11:27 AM, tonyjuliano said:

Ramshorn’s shells are typically thinner and more delicate that many other species.  Therefore they are more sensitive to calcium deficiencies, both in terms of diet and the water column itself.

You state that they are being fed properly, but what is the condition of the environment?

pH 7.8

GH 11 - but I have no way to know if that's Ca or just Mg

Ammonia and Nitrite 0.

Nitrates range 5-30. 

What other info might be relevant?

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