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Recommended tank size for beginner planted tank?

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I have tended towards South American fish so my favorites have been Neon Tetras, Cardinal Tetras or Rummy Nose Tetras.

Not the best picture but there are Cardinals, Rummy Nose and Hatch Fish in this picture.




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If you already have a 38 gallon, then you are used to tanking care of larger tanks.  You will actually have less maintenance with a planted tank because the plants do a lot of the work for you.  The only thing about size is that the bigger tank you get, the more plants you will be getting and you will need a larger light.  So, the larger the tank, the more you will spend on "accessorizing" it.

As for schooling fish, you will have a ton of options.  Harlequin Rasporas are good looking.  We have some longfin Zebra Danios that act like they are ADHD 😁, but they school really nicely.  Although very small, but they are eye catchers, we have some glow light tetras (these are not glofish).  Their bright orange colors really pop.  And our Albino Cherry barbs are really pretty, both the male and the female.

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Things to think about:

- how much room do you have?

- How much budget?

- what plant interest you

A smaller tank makes lighting it easier, but limits the number and size of plants.  A larger deeper tank like means you need to invest in better lighting.  

another thought: What about adding plants to your current tank.  You get some exposure minimum cost.  

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