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Too much supplemental fertilization would be my guess, but there aren’t a lot of details to determine with any degree of certainty.  The give away for this opinion would be the very high nitrate levels.

Weekly water changes, with no trace of ammonia or nitrite, but high nitrate usually means it’s something you are adding to the equation (ferts) instead of any natural cause.

Cut down on fertilization first.  If your lighting intensity and duration are reasonable levels, leave that alone for now.  It’s better to make changes one at a time, to Identify causation of anything.

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As everyone mentioned hold back with the Easy Green for a while, and you can up light intensity, or duration if it is what keeps your plants from using the nitrate, cloudiness would indicate a cut in light rather than upping it though. Dosing depends not just on tank size but how many, and what types of plants you have. If your values keep staying high even with cutting back on ferts, then you might have to consider feeding a bit less. You can also add more plants. Especially red root floaters and Hornwort will devour nitrates, but you'll also have to continually keep their growth in check.

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