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Need help identifying ailments on geophagus


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Hi everyone I have been trying to identify what is wrong with my big male red head geophagus.  Noticed  it developed a couple what looked sores with white inside of them.  Removed him from tank and places him in hospital tank for about 2 weeks now.  The tank currently has one tbsp of salt per gallon and I Have done one full treatment of para cleanse but did not solve problem.

Currently the tank has the following water parameters.

nitrite 0

nitrate 10

hardness close to 300

buffer is between 40 and 80

ph 7.4

chlorine 0


If anyone has any ideas they would be greatly appreciated.





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It looks like hole in the head disease to me it's usually caused poor water quality or dietary related recommended treatment is praziquantel which is the active ingredient in paracleanse I would increase water changes and do another course of paracleanse  with salt as well sometimes it can take 2-3 course of treatment before you see any improvement

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