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The biggest misconception in all of aquaria - ammonia


Ammonia Production  

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  1. 1. What is the biggest single source of ammonia in a planted aquarium stocked with fish and invertebrates? (Assuming reasonable attempts at required maintenance are made)

    • Uneaten / decaying food
    • Decaying plant matter
    • Feces and/or urine from tank inhabitants
    • Something else

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I am sorry I am doing homework and didn't get to read all the replies, but Ammonia is a huge misconception also in the lack of understanding of ammonia and ammonium and the ratio that is created based on temperature and PH. a 1 ppm reading of ammonia on a liquid API test kit is almost never 1 ppm ammonia, most of the time it is a mix of ammonia and ammonium, ammonium is non toxic and makes up a large chunk of the reading unless your in a warm high PH tank. PH below 7 is majority ammonium which is non-toxic to fish and plants. 

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