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Slime underneath where the light sites on top of glass?


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This is kind of gross, but I have just discovered a slimy type liquid on the underside of the glass where my light sits on top of my glass lid. A quick google search says it’s something called “Cyanobacteria”? I don’t know anything about it and would love any advice on what to do. 


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On 6/18/2021 at 6:10 PM, xXInkedPhoenixX said:

Honestly, just clean your glass lid periodically. All sorts of fun stuff grows on it. I've got a thick carpet of algae if I let it go too long. Also, Mystery Snail eggs I need to take down before they hatch on the regular. 

I was hoping it’d be that simple! Is there anything special I should clean it with?

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From the way it looks, I would say it's just green algae that likes to grow in very well lit places. If it's slime you can just wipe it off, if it's green spot algae that will require a bit more muscle and a toothbrush for the plastic parts while you can take the lid to the sink run just enough tap water to keep it wet and eliminate the green spot algae with a kitchen pumice stone that is usually used to clean glass and ceramic stove tops. Make sure to rinse it off well enough afterwards. Five minutes of scrubbing at the max, and your lid will look like new. Cyanobacteria which is the correct designation, or more colloquial and incorrectly blue green algae, likes to show up on substrate and plants when water values are majorly off, Hopefully I'm correct in my diagnosis because if you can smell it and it is cyanobacteria, and actually looks deep blue green you've most likely got a bit longer campaign ahead of you.These links might shed more light on it for you:




PS: Forgot to mention the pumice stone will also take care of any lime residue that can sometimes look like it is etched into the glass and will once again make it look all shiny and new.

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