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Fish came in rough, standard treatment or the trio?


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Got in a dozen pencilfish and what should have been 10 otos today--5 otos didn't make it. Anyway, noticed some rough tails on the remaining otos, abrasions on the pencilfish, so I treated with API Erythromycin. Of course, as soon as I dosed, I noticed what looked like Ich on one of the otos. I then dosed Ich-X.

I had originally planned to run through all 3 meds from the (old) trio one-by-one, but now I feel pretty sure that these guys actually need both the erythromycin and Ich-X. Question is, should I let them marinate in today's dose for the full week without dosing again, or, since they already have problems, should I continue with the full doses as advised on the med directions and hit them with dose 2 tomorrow?

Also, assuming I should do the latter (at least that's how I'm leaning before I posted here), am I okay doing the full doses of both the erythromycin and Ich-X or do they only work well together when given in the single dose the Coop usually advises as part of the standard quarantine trio?

Thanks for your advice!

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