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Hairy Puffers Spawning in next 24 hours??

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Nerms..... My hairy puffers have formed a pair from my 3 in my "guesstimation". Color changes and heavy, what i am assuming, can only be pre-spawning behaviors and courtship. Im so pumped to see the process i started in 2018 possibly result in fry i figured i would share witth the crew. So awesome just to get a pair formed and displaying like that ive been updating the videos all day. Lol



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On 6/18/2021 at 5:35 PM, mountaintoppufferkeeper said:

Right! Thanks. Looking good so far never spawned puffers before but id say thats a decent sign at least.  

100% for sure!! You’ve been waiting long. Sometimes we forget the key of patient care. This really is great!

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