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I’ve been working on a green water setup for some scuds and daphnia that I got as a throw in with a shrimp order. It’s in my garage. It has a strong “earthy” smell kind of really smells like the bag of spirulina I’ve been using to feed it. Like potency is 10 x the bag. Anyway my wife whose so far been very supportive has decided that smells is not ok. 

My question is whether this is just a phase, maybe I have something in there that’s causing the odor besides the spirulina or if this just has an odor and I’m going to have to abandon this in favor of something live food wise that does not have an odor - been thinking I could turn this into a black worm tank or brine shrimp. 

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Maybe it’s better put out back? Garage space maybe needs to be unstinky. Not sure how much space / leeway you have outside... but believe me, SO much can be done with just a tiny space outside. Ever watch MD Fish Tanks? Everything he does is in his wee shed in the yard...


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