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Breeding Crayfish Suggestions

Scott C

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I've tried to breed crayfish a few times now and have not been successful at all, this tank is well established, i fed them well, water parameters are all good, both were similar in size.

-my first attempt the male cray in the picture beat up the female and ripped a couple of her legs off. I separated her and let her heal up and molt and the legs came back and still waited a few more weeks for her to harden up and get really healthy, put them back together and a few weeks later he attacked her again and pulled almost all of her legs off and she didn't make it.

-i figure maybe he is just a murderous jerk or something so i purchased a 2nd young pair to hopefully grow up together and they grew well and got to be about breeding size and then one looks like it died after a molt, no missing limbs, just looked like a purplish fresh cray molt in the fetal position all curled up dead. My only thought, researching after the fact, was possibly a bad molt and i might need to add more calcium then I had been.

-I have read about these quite a bit online but finding limited information about actually breeding them, curious if anyone here has first hand experience breeding these and any observations/ suggestions. Thanks.



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On 6/18/2021 at 6:55 PM, WhitecloudDynasty said:

In my experience those are more aggressive than the bluemoon I breed.

You'll need 3 aquarium. The 3rd aquarium is for the male and female to meet up in new/neutral ground. 

ok, so would you suggest I do anything different than have them meet on neutral ground?

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