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How much time do you spend on this Forum each day?


How Much Time Do You Spend on the Forum Each Day?  

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  1. 1. How much time do you spend on the Forum each day?

    • 0 minutes to 30 minutes?
    • 30 minutes to 1 hour?
    • 1 hour to 2 hours?
    • 2 hours to 3 hours?
    • 3 hours to 4 hours?
    • 4 hours to 5 hours?
    • 5 hours to 6 hours?
    • More than 6 hours?

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Typically, I get on for 5 minutes a day to check outstanding reports (rarely are there any) and to answer any unanswered topics I have knowledge on. Every now and again I will think of a good question or maybe think I can get a conversation going and start a topic. 

But when I am at work and dont have much to do, I will hang out and lurk for long periods of time and read old posts or even leave a comment or two.

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This forum has replaced my unhealthy attachment to other social media platforms. I am autistic and struggle socially, so I've always preferred online interaction as it is less stressful and I can articulate myself quite a bit better vs in person. The fish hobby is my main special interest and this forum is my safe haven from the chaos that exists on most social media these days. I recently started a new job (at a local fish store, yay!) and have been incredibly busy and tired, but whenever I have free time, I'm usually here. I don't always participate, but I read whenever I have time and I very much appreciate the level of knowledge that exists within these threads. Y'all are my people and I cannot properly express how much it means to me that this forum exists. 

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It depends I'll go through phases of being on constantly for a week or just get sidetracked and only be one one day another week but I'd say the average is around an hour or a little less. I'm usually on to check notifications in the morning and when I'm on lunch, then browse at night during commercials or loading screens depending if I'm watching TV or playing destiny

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I’m retired but hubby says I’m the busiest retiree he knows. I get coffee in the morning and read a forum post or two then do tanks while waiting for water fill etc I’ll read one or two more. Then throughout the day as I take breaks here and there...yup I smoke lol...I read then evening I unwind and read or watch you tube.  This forum is the only thing that thinks about fish as much as me ROFL 

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