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Lost a ricefish (warning photo inside)


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I lost a medaka today out of my tub pond.  and one is unaccounted for.  I added them in maybe 4-6 weeks ago, and they started out unhappy.  a water change later they same fine but didn't want to eat flake from the surface.  now two of them are eating one is missing, one is a runt but still fine, and this one is dead.  Two weeks ago I added white cloud MMs into my tub as well.  two days ago i found a ton of fry. 


Does anyone have any theories about why this guy died?

below are some photos of my parameters.  I don't believe the pH because the co-op strips already read between 6.4 and 6.8 for me even when other methods all say high 7s. 

I'm also really skeptical there's chlorine in there because I haven't added water in weeks, and when I did I used prime.




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On 6/17/2021 at 9:26 AM, KBOzzie59 said:

Somebody accidently splash some bleach in it? 

heh, unlikely.  😉  the strips always show chlorine in the pond but my tap water has less chlorine.  


On 6/17/2021 at 9:26 AM, KBOzzie59 said:

Are those parameters repeatable with multiple strips?

yes, but lab ph probes, a cheap ph probe and the api kit always show considerably higher ph than test strips. 

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