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Breeding Forktail Rainbowfish


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On 6/16/2021 at 9:09 AM, NYAquatics said:

Do Pseudomugil Furcatus eat their own fry?

Not sure — usually very dense plants preserves some fry. Float Water lettuce from top, and load up Java moss on tank floor.

Many breeders pull eggs from nips daily, or move mops with eggs in over to a hatching tank / tray.

Here’s a nice article with more to learn if you haven’t seen this before.

Good luck! 

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I think with good enough plant matter the may not, however all fish are different. The fry are fairly small so if you were doing this to breed for profit I would play it safe and invest i a breeder net to put the fry in until they are large enough to grow out in either a larger tank to themselves or with the adults.

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