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Molly Mood Swings

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I have a female gold panda molly that seemingly has mood swings. She will swim around being just fine, seemingly coupling around with my male mickey platy. They even show  mating behavior and seem to attempt to mate at times. Then she seems to turn on him as if they have had a quarrel and she chases him and bullies him around the tank until he hides to get away from her. She was pecking at my plecos head this morning, and has never really messed with the pleco before. LOL 



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I have the same sort of molly (named The Unsinkable Molly Brown), who wants to be tank boss wherever I put her. I recently had to move her out of my 75*, where she was happily bossing the platies around, to my 29, where she is now having a great time bossing my limia around. It's just what they do.

*I had to move her because my catfish decided she hated her and was beating her up quite a bit.

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