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Clean up crew for 500g?

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I would think of the stingrays as the cleanup crew. They're pretty good at sucking up any uneaten food and will scour the bottom of the tank looking for food pretty much nonstop. The sailfin or gibbiceps pleco would be a good algae eater/cleanup crew for such a tank also. They get big fast and will even continue to eat algae at a larger size. (At least the one I had did.) I might be a tick nervous about plecos and rays. Plecos tend to nibble on flat-bodied fish on occasion and there's not a more flat bodied fish than a ray. A giraffe catfish might be a good cleanup fish and could be less threatening to a ray.

You probably already know this, but in case you don't, black arowanas end up looking an awful lot like a "normal" silver arowana as they mature. They start out looking totally different when young, but as they mature they look more and more like a "normal" silver arowana. Most people only see them as young fish and imagine them keeping that coloration, but they don't. They're very impressive as a baby fish, but when an adult they're very similar to a normal silver arowana. The bigger they get, the harder it is to tell the two apart.

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I think a geofagus could fit well. They sift through sand and also get some nice colours. 

I've never kept pictus cats but I've heard that they can hog all the food which might be a problem with the rays. Maybe another member knows more. 

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