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My Betta Tank is looking a bit bare as of lately. It doesn't have a lot of plants as I would like. I have a really nice hygrophillia in the front left corner, its really growing. Also have lots of different anubias on the driftwood. Other then that its really bare.

I want to buy some rotala and put it in behind the driftwood to fill in those empty spots but I want something in the front right corner. I dont want anything that'll grow really big. Originally I was thinking a crypt, but I have so many of those in all my other aquariums. So I really am lost. 

I did want to do Alteranthera Reinecki Minni there but I think it would do better with higher light. All though I could try it out in there and if I see it would want more light move it to my 10 gallon that has higher light

Then I was thinking putting some java fern windelov there. But maybe that'll grow too tall. 

Any more suggestions?



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On 6/14/2021 at 2:19 PM, KBOzzie59 said:

Do you have a Pink Flamingo Crypt?  So far mine are staying pretty small in a low tech tank.

Nah, I wish! There just too darn expensive for me (there almost $70CAD near me) 

A local hobbyist is starting to do some tissue culturing with them so maybe he can get the price down, we'll see...

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I'd say get any stem plant you like, plant it in the left corner, and trim it so it follows the line of the wood, going from top left to the middle right. Then I'd get some dwarf sagittaria and continue this line a bit. Those won't require too much light, nor CO2. You could use root tabs to make sure they grow properly.

If you don't want to maintain the tank too often due to having fast growing plants like stems, you can keep low levels of nitrogen (10 and under) and it will slow down the whole plant growth process. Shouldn't bee too hard with your stocking.

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Hygrophila Polysperma in low tech setups is awesome. You can plant it or just let sit in the tank. It's very low maintenance and super easy to grow.

Rotala can be more challenging and without CO2, is kinda just "ok".


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You can try Helanthium tenellum, Crypt parva or Lilaeopsis brasiliensis at the front. They can carpet...eventually.

I like Java fern trident in a small tank. They have narrower leaves than the standard Java fern.

Limnophila sessiliflora and Heteranthera zosterifolia are fast growing stem plants that do well in my low tech tanks.


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