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Remove purigen when dosing with Easy Green?

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I have a low to medium light planted tank and have been using AC's Easy Green.  I also have a small bag of Purigen in my Tidal 35 HOB filter.  Should I remove the Purigen when dosing the water with Easy Green once a week?  If so, how long should I have it removed?  I just want to make sure the Purigen isn't pulling out the nutrients that I'm intentionally putting into the water for my plants.  This is my first planted tank so I'm figuring things out.  Thanks!

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Hello @Mread, please see the following screenshot from the Aquarium Co-Op website regarding Purigen:


I highlighted the area that applies to this post. Purigen should not remove Easy Green. However, it is meant to remove ammonia and nitrates which plants do use to grow. Plants will still grow with Purigen in your filter as I have done it many times before but it is something to keep in mind. I hope that helps!

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